Polish Craft Beer Competition - Kraft Roku - is organized in cooperation with the Brewers Symposium and under the auspices of PSBR - Polish Craft Brewers Association

Sponsors The Special Awards / KPR 2023:

Weyermann® Specialty Malting Company

Success has many fathers. In the case of the best craft beers, these include Fermentis® dry yeast strains: SafAle™ US-05 (e.g. IPA), SafAle™ K-97 (Hazy IPA), SafAle™ S-04 (e.g. Stout), SafAle™ S-33 (e.g. Witbier), SafLager™ W-34/70 (e.g. Pils, Baltic Porter), SafBrew™ LA-01 (non-alcoholic beers) and others.
Fermentis® dry yeast: easy to use and reliable.


Sukces ma wielu ojców. W przypadku najlepszych piw rzemieślniczych, to m.in. szczepy suchych drożdży Fermentis®: SafAle™ US-05 (np. IPA), SafAle™ K-97 (Hazy IPA), SafAle™ S-04 (np. Stout), SafAle™ S-33 (np. Witbier), SafLager™ W-34/70 (np. Pils, Porter Bałtycki), SafBrew™ LA-01 (piwa bezalkoholowe) i inne.
Suche drożdże Fermentis®: łatwe w użyciu i niezawodne.

Viking Malt

Viking Malt is a leading supplier of malt to breweries in Poland and Northern Europe and one of the world leaders in providing specialty malts to breweries and distilleries.

Speidel Tank- und Behälterbau

Stainless steel tanks for breweries - all types and capacities.
Compact brewing tanks for home and craft breweries - bumping from 10 liters to 1000 liters.
More than 120 years of experience!

Polish Hops

We know almost everything about hops. Almost, because every day we discover new facts about it. We want to share this knowledge. We also want to draw attention to the presence of hopping in history, language and culture.

We look for new, interesting varieties, try to resurrect the forgotten ones and, with the help of friendly home breweries, test their behavior in beer. The highest quality of raw material and customer satisfaction is our priority.